Message From the Chairman

The food industry is very competitive and is constantly changing to meet consumer demands and use technological innovations. As the world population increases, food technologists are challenged with developing innovative applications in food processing, as well as understanding the link between food, nutrition and health. Therefore, skilled personnel are required to ensure a consistent supply of quality products for the ever discerning, quality conscious consumers.

The Department of Dairy and Food Science and Technology at Egerton University is one of the four departments in the Faculty of Agriculture. We train both graduate and undergraduate students in the fields of Dairy Technology and Food Science. The department offers three undergraduate programs and two postgraduate programs. The multidisciplinary nature of the programs offered in the department, as well as the hands-on experience gained in  practical sessions in the pilot plants (Dairy and Food) and industrial attachment, allows graduates to pursue a wide range of careers in food and food-related industries based on individual interest. The Department is also a proud producer of milk and milk products including and not limited to cheese and yoghurt.

As a department, we are committed to the development and dissemination of scientific knowledge and providing the society with quality personnel for teaching and research, who can contribute to sustainable agro-industrial development for Kenya with emphasis on food processing and preservation. For more information visit the departmental website.